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Since the year 1985 operating Citrus Topal, 30 year experience, with quality and commercial morals “Vegetable and Fruit” industry leading companies in the world can compete with the level came. In 200
WHO ARE WE: We are an export company that consists of mainly fresh vegetable and fruit, dry food, canned food and sauce which are grown/ produced in our country; the goods and products which belong to the companies that have international standarts, trademark in domestic and abroad and also have capacity to export without any stock or copyright troubles we meet them with customers from Europe, Asia and Africa. Our company which is located in Canakkale, Turkey; based on reliability and honesty as the fundamental principle and entered to the sector in 2009
Rifat Turgut is a company that is specialized in export of agricultural products from Turkey. The company was established in 1986. We started business with domestic trading of vegetables and fruits.
"We are willing to introduce us to you. As Oz-Fa export; we are dispatching our first quality products from Turkey to Israel and most of Europe countries. You may contact with us from our contact number and e-mail adress that in site. If you are willing to benefit from our experience and our quality, we will be ready for your wishes.” We have 3 warehouses; Antalya, Mersin, Malatya Our products; Pear, Quince, Citrus Fruits (lemon,grapefruit, orange, mandarin), Grape, Melon & Watermelon, Chestnut, Peach&Nectarin, Capia red, Capia green, Bell pepper Hungarian, Leek, Tomato, Zucchini white, Zuchhini green, Eggplant, California pepper (red&yellow), Tomato vine, Tomato cherry vine, Cucumber, Onions, Purple Onion
Ozturk Narenciye was founded in 2017. Ozturk Narenciye, concentrating on fruit and vegetable exports to Russian Federation and Belarus in the first year following establishment, gave importance.
METIN ZAFER LTD. “TROY®” is a well-known and a powerful establishment of which foundation began in 1989. Troy started their commercial life with some friendly connections in Europe and have rapidly ex